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  • Community case-finding strategies for viral hepatitis in UK migrant populations: the South East Coast England experience
    This poster details the experiences of Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in their efforts to offer community-based testing to the South Asian and Nepali community in the population served by the hospital. It highlights the successes that can be achieved through engaging with religious leaders; ensuring peer mentor support, and encouraging word-of-mouth promotion through motivated community figures.
    UK, England, South East Oct 2015 Other, Reports & Research PDF
  • Cost-effectiveness of opt-out HCV and HBV testing in A&E in the UK
    Research published in Value in Health in December 2020 found that testing for hepatitis C and hepatitis B in A&E departments in the UK is highly likely to be cost effective due to high rates of hepatitis among people who attend A&E. Based on a study of two London hospitals, the paper argues that, just as NICE guidelines recommend testing people attending A&E for HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B testing should also occur.
    UK 22 Dec 2020 Reports & Research PDF
  • Cumbria Liver Disease Profile
    This document, produced by Public Health England, provides an overview of liver disease in Cumbria. It includes key facts on hepatitis C in Cumbria, as well as a section on 'Questions you should ask locally', which aims to improve local prioritisation and management of hepatitis C.
    UK, England, North West Nov 2014 Reports & Research PDF
  • Deaths from liver disease: Implications for end of life care in England - March 2012
    This report presents key facts about deaths from liver disease in England. It highlights differences in place and cause of death by age, sex and deprivation. It is aimed at commissioners and providers of end of life care, clinicians caring for patients with liver disease, and others concerned with providing quality end of life care for this patient group, including patients themselves and their carers. The report gives the first summary of high level statistics on deaths from liver disease on which future discussions can be built.
    England Mar 2012 Reports & Research PDF
  • Delivering health and care for people who sleep rough
    Published in March 2020, this report from The King's Fund on health and care for people who sleep rough focusses on reducing barriers people face to accessing healthcare services and on commissioning appropriate services. The report argues that to improve health outcomes for people sleeping rough we need local authorities to team up with charities and community services; we need both a population health approach and a place-based approach; we need co-production with people with lived experience of sleeping rough; and we need staff working with this group to be properly recruited and supported.
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  • Diagnosing viral hepatitis in the community: A 3-month pharmacy testing pilot
    This document sets out the findings of a 3 month pharmacy testing pilot.
    England Jan 2010 Case study, Reports & Research PDF
  • Divided Nations: Tackling the hepatitis C challenge across the UK
    In response to the public health challenge of Hepatitis C, national Governments in England, Scotland and Wales have taken radically different approaches. The All-Party Parliamentary Hepatology Group convened a meeting to explore the impact of the different national strategies. The meeting provided an opportunity for Parliamentarians, experts and stakeholders to compare and contrast the effectiveness of each approach and identify areas of best practice, which can be shared across national borders.
    UK Nov 2008 Reports & Research PDF
  • Drug-related infectious diseases in Europe
    This report provides an update on infectious diseases related to drug use in Europe for the period up to June 2016. It covers the most recent data both on infectious diseases among people who inject drugs in Europe, collected with the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction Drug-related infectious diseases (DRID) indicator, and on the responses in the area. It includes highlights and new findings discussed during the DRID indicator’s annual expert meeting, held in Lisbon on 6–8 June 2016.
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  • Drug-related infectious diseases in Europe
    This report from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction provides an overview of infectious disease surveillance data, outbreak investigations, and prevention and control measures among people who inject drugs in Europe up to February 2019, including viral hepatitis.
    UK, Rest of World 16 Jul 2019 Reports & Research PDF
  • Drug-related infectious diseases in Europe: Update from the EMCDDA expert network, 2020
    This 2020 update on drug-related infectious diseases from the EMCDDA (European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction) aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the current situation with regard to the epidemiological picture of drug-related infectious diseases in Europe up to January 2020. It highlights some recent innovative responses to the problem and argues that early diagnosis through testing as well as improving links to treatment and care are crucial steps towards reaching global health goals.
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