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  • Tackling Blood-Borne Viruses: A framework for prisons in the UK
    Tackling Blood-Borne Viruses, a report produced by NAT (National AIDS Trust), features guidance and case studies on tackling BBVs, including hepatitis C, in prisons. The report is aimed primarily at healthcare staff based in prisons but may also be relevant to others involved in the management of prisons and the health and wellbeing of people in prison.
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  • Teaching and Training for Hepatitis C Consultants (2009)
    This project aimed to determine the training and knowledge requirements of consultants wishing to specialise in the treatment of Hepatitis C (HCV). It provides a series of recommendations for the development of appropriate training and resources to support the continued growth of the specialism. These recommendations are based on feedback obtained from semi-structured interviews undertaken with consultants
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  • The Hepatitis C Trust: Peer-to-peer programme
    This video provides an overview of The Hepatitis C Trust's peer-to-peer support work, which involves staff and volunteer peers with lived experience of hepatitis C providing support to those at risk of and living with hepatitis C, raising awareness and supporting access to testing and treatment.
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