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  • PHE Infectious Diseases Strategy front page
    Public Health England's Infectious Diseases Strategy 2020-25
    Public Health England published 'PHE Infectious Diseases Strategy 2020-25: Addressing urgent threats in the 21st century' in September 2019. The strategy sets out PHE's 10 priorities for infectious diseases over the next five years and how they will achieve these. Of particular relevance to hepatitis C is priority 4, which aims to "Eliminate hepatitis B and C, Tuberculosis and HIV and halt the rise in sexually transmitted infections in our population". The document states PHE will "enable work on detection, surveillance and control of HIV, hepatitis B, C, and TB".
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  • screen grab of first page of case study
    Good practice case study: Treatment support for people experiencing homelessness
    This good practice case study looks at the work of homelessness charity Harbour Housing, based in Cornwall. Since last year, Harbour Housing has had a dedicated bed to support people experiencing homelessness who are also infected with hepatitis C. They collaborated with NHS England and Addaction to develop an exclusive care pathway and to make treatment as easy and accessible as possible. So far, they have got seven people successfully treated hepatitis C.
    UK, England, South West 04 Sep 2019 Case study PDF
  • Joining the dots: Linking pathways to hepatitis C diagnosis and treatment
    This report from the London Joint Working Group on Substance Use and Hepatitis C explores how effective data sharing can lead to quicker, easier access to care for people with hepatitis C. From interviews with various stakeholders, two main barriers to effective data sharing are identified: (1) confusion about who data can be shared with and under what circumstances, (2) a lack of computer systems that enable care providers to easily share patient data.
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  • Hepatitis C: interventions for patient case-finding and linkage to care
    Published in July 2019 this review summarizes the evidence for interventions to increase case-finding and linkage to care for hepatitis C-infected patients, in order to support commissioning and provision of evidence-based interventions as part of efforts to achieve hepatitis C (HCV) elimination as a major public health threat in the UK.
    UK, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales 30 Jul 2019 Reports & Research PDF
  • HCV Action & BVHG National Hepatitis C ODN Stakeholder Event: Presentations
    On Thursday 4th July, HCV Action held a National Hepatitis C ODN Stakeholder Event, in partnership with the British Viral Hepatitis Group. The event - HCV Action's biggest to date - brought ODN representatives together to discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with the recently-announced NHS England elimination deal.
    England 30 Jul 2019 Training, Reports & Research, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Summary report: National Hepatitis C ODN Stakeholder Event
    This report provides a summary of the the breakout sessions held during the HCV Action & British Viral Hepatitis Group National Hepatitis C ODN Stakeholder Event, which took place at the University of Warwick on 4th July 2019. The breakout sessions were held in two parts, the first focusing on problem identification and the second on identifying solutions, and focused on the following topics: community outreach; reaching ethnic minority groups; treating in prisons; and engaging with local commissioners & other partners.
    England 30 Jul 2019 Training, Reports & Research, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • EMCDDA on models of care for hepatitis C in drugs services
    The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction published 'Hepatitis C: new models of care for drugs services' in July 2019. This aims to highlight the importance of targeting people who inject drugs as a key population for the elimination of hepatitis C in Europe and to show innovative practice in the form of 11 case studies (three of which are from England). The report provides key insights into the results, impact, sustainability and transferability of each practice to guide the implementation of these new models of care in other countries and settings.
    UK, Rest of World, England, Greater London 29 Jul 2019 Reports & Research, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Hepatitis C Coalition Roundtable on HCV and Blood Borne Viruses in Prison
    This report summarises a December 2018 meeting organised by the Hepatitis C Coalition to discuss hepatitis C and BBVs in prison. The report covers discussion points including the need for better implementation of opt-out testing, reducing points of attrition along the care pathway, tackling stigma and developing stronger links with community services.
    England 06 Feb 2019 Reports & Research, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Antiviral resistance testing in the management of hepatitis C virus infection
    This report from the Public Health England Hepatitis C Virus Resistance Group to support clinicians treating people with HCV, where the issue of resistance may be a factor in clinical decision-making.
    England 17 Dec 2018 Reports & Research PDF
  • Hepatitis C treatment monitoring in England
    This Public Health England resource contains data and findings from the hepatitis C patient registry and treatment outcome system. Data from the registry shows that DAA treatments have successfully cured 95% of patients who received them. The vast majority of treatment continues to take place within secondary care, with just 13% of treatments undertaken in drug services, prisons or other outreach settings.
    England 21 Nov 2018 Reports & Research PDF