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  • Webinar recording: Hepatitis C reinfections and harm prevention
    Forming part of the HCV Action National Hepatitis C ODN Stakeholder Webinar series, this webinar looked at what we know of reinfections and how to prevent them, as well as harm reduction services and their benefits. Speakers from Public Health England, The Hepatitis C Trust, and NHS England gave talks on how reinfections tie into elimination efforts, and hosted a Q&A session to answer audience questions.
    England 26 Nov 2021 Training, Reports & Research Video
  • Webinar recording: Hepatitis C in community pharmacies
    Forming part of the HCV Action National Hepatitis C ODN Stakeholder Webinar series, this webinar looked at hepatitis C in community pharmacies, with presentations from NHS England HCV Elimination Programme Lead Mark Gillyon-Powell and clinical experts Dr Ahmed Elsharkawy, Dr Ryan Buchanan and Helen Boothman.
    England 17 Nov 2021 Training, Reports & Research, Strategy & Planning Video
  • Webinar recording: Hepatitis C in the criminal justice system
    Forming part of the HCV Action National Hepatitis C ODN Stakeholder Webinar series, this webinar looked at hepatitis C in the criminal justice system, with presentations from National Probation Service Programme Manager Daniel Stretton, The Hepatitis C Trust Northern Prison Partnership HITT Manager Lee Christensen, HMP Elmley Health Care and Drug Strategy Governor Stephen Goodwin, HMP Bronzefield Clinical Team Manager Harriet Tizard, The Hepatitis Trust C Director of Prison Services Sean Cox, and Hepatitis C Elimination NHS England Improvement & Delivery Manager Georgia Threadgold.
    England 17 Nov 2021 Training, Reports & Research, Strategy & Planning Video
  • Sexual Health and Blood Borne Viruses: Learning Needs Report
    This report from the Scottish Drugs Forum assesses the learning needs of the Sexual Health and BBV sector across Scotland, based on an online survey that was completed by 270 frontline workers across the NHS, third sector and local authorities. Its aim was to give an overall perspective and understanding of the training needs and knowledge gaps of workers in relation to sexual health and blood borne viruses.
    Scotland 17 Sep 2021 Training, Reports & Research PDF
  • Webinar: Measuring progress towards hepatitis C elimination
    Each nation in the UK has set rapidly approaching targets for eliminating hepatitis C; many areas and services in the community and prisons have done the same. Being able to measure what such "microelimination" looks like will be critical to both celebrating and maintaining this achievement. This HCV Action webinar, held on Zoom on 7th July 2021, heard presentations from Public Health England, NHS England, NHS Tayside and the Practice Plus Group. Following the presentations, there was an opportunity for attendees to participate in a Q&A session to ask questions and share best practice.
    UK 20 Jul 2021 Training, Reports & Research, Strategy & Planning Video
  • Webinar: Hepatitis C service recovery in England
    This HCV Action webinar, which took place on 26th March 2021, examined how hepatitis C services have been maintained in England during the COVID-19 pandemic and looked at plans to expand service provision over the next few months. Speakers: - Prof Graham Foster, National Clinical Lead for ODNs, NHS England - Mark Gillyon-Powell, Head of Programme – HCV Elimination, NHS England/NHS Improvement - Stacey Smith, Director of Nursing, Humankind - Colin Lawton, Northern Regional Prison Lead, The Hepatitis C Trust - Julia Sheehan, Women’s Prisons Peer Coordinator, The Hepatitis C Trust
    England 29 Mar 2021 Training, Strategy & Planning Video
  • Webinar: Under-served groups for hepatitis C testing and treatment
    This webinar sought to look at how services can provide hepatitis C testing and treatment to people who have been traditionally under-served by health services. This workshop sought to discuss: - Sex workers - Gypsy, Roma and Traveller people - South Asian communities - Migrants For each of these groups, this video features a presentation exploring the general barriers to healthcare that they face and examples of projects which have improved access to healthcare for them along with a Q&A session at the end.
    UK 22 Oct 2020 Case study, Training, Strategy & Planning Video
  • A glossary of contested terms in substance use
    This is a glossary of terms used by people working in the drugs field, drawn up by the Scottish Drugs Forum. It covers some of the specialised and contentious language used in the field. We have included it in the resource library as it may be helpful to those who work in health services who are less familiar with some of the language and terms used by colleagues and partners in drug services.
    UK 07 Oct 2020 Training, Reports & Research PDF
  • Lessons learnt from HepCATT for ODNs and GP practices
    This summary notes some of the lessons learnt from the HepCATT (Hepatitis C Assessment Through to Treatment) Randomised Controlled Trial. HepCATT tested an Hepatitis C virus (HCV) case-finding intervention in primary care. The intervention involved: • Algorithm integrated into electronic patient records systems to identify high risk patients • Automatic mail-merge to create letters to invite high risk patients for testing • Pop-ups alerts in patient records to encourage opportunistic testing • Practice Staff HCV educational training
    UK, England Training, Tools & Templates, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • HCV Action webinar: Hepatitis C services in Scotland during and beyond Covid-19
    With the Covid-19 outbreak having caused significant disruption to healthcare services, including those for hepatitis C, this webinar was organised to discuss how services have been affected in Scotland and explore how hepatitis C services can most effectively be re-established as we emerge from the early phase of the outbreak. The webinar featured contributions from the following speakers: Professor John Dillon - Clinical Lead for Blood Borne Viruses, NHS Tayside Leon Wylie - Lead Officer, Hepatitis Scotland Rachel Halford - CEO, The Hepatitis C Trust
    Scotland 05 Aug 2020 Training, Tools & Templates, Strategy & Planning Video