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  • Good practice case study: The Cocoon project
    The Cocoon project, set up in Tayside, Scotland seeks to address the high rate of drug-related deaths in the area.  The project delivers point-of-care diagnosis of HCV in needle exchange sites, while also integrating services which typically require travel to alternate NHS sites to reduce the burden of multiple visits and different providers. The result is a ‘one-stop’ holistic care bundle which seeks to address the inequity of access experienced by PWUD by increasing their engagement through services tailored to their specific needs. 
    Scotland 31 May 2022 Case study PDF
  • Good practice case study: The Hepatitis C Trust’s West Midlands Test and Treat Roadshow
    The Hepatitis C Trust’s Test & Treat Roadshow targeted people who inject drugs (PWID) not currently accessing treatment services or with a historic lack of engagement with hepatitis C care. The project was one of the first services in the country to complete testing in under an hour and complete treatment in only two visits, alleviating the need to attend multiple appointments in the community.
    UK, England, West Midlands 28 Oct 2021 Case study PDF
  • Good practice case study: Lancashire & South Cumbria mobile hepatitis C pathway
    Amid service closures and disruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Lancashire & South Cumbria ODN, CGL and The Hepatitis C Trust developed and delivered a clinical van-based hepatitis C care pathway. The project involved clinical vans attending hostels and hotels accommodating the homeless population during the pandemic and making appointments for the van to be taken to individual patients at locations convenient to them.
    UK, England, North West 15 Jul 2021 Case study PDF
  • Poster: Achieving micro-elimination in prisons through High Intensity Test and Treat (HITT) interventions
    This poster was presented at the EASL 2021 online congress in June 2021. The poster details the outcomes of 9 HITTs in prisons in England as well as conclusions drawn for the future.
    UK, England 25 Jun 2021 Case study, Reports & Research, Tools & Templates, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Webinar: Hepatitis C Outreach
    Outreach hepatitis C care, including ‘pop-up’ clinics, as well as the use of testing vans, is a crucial aspect of the hepatitis C elimination programme. Such outreach work, which does not rely on static services to deliver care, can be an important way to reach people who are the most under-served by these services. This webinar covered the importance of outreach, as well as specific good practice examples, such as van-based outreach work, pop-up testing during the Covid-19 pandemic and Point of Care Test and Treat outreach in the West Midlands.
    UK, England 25 May 2021 Case study, Strategy & Planning Video
  • Good practice case study video: The Hepatitis C Trust's 'Follow Me' programme
    In this good practice case study video, taken from HCV Action's 'Hepatitis C service recovery in England' webinar on 26th March 2021, Colin Lawton and Julia Sheehan from The Hepatitis C Trust outline the impact of the charity's prison-to-community 'Follow Me' programme.
    UK, England 09 Apr 2021 Case study Video
  • Good practice case study: Prison to community peer support
    This document details the pilot of a prison to community 'Follow Me' project in the North East of England which took place in 2020. The scheme was designed to help support people who left prison during treatment and facilitate effective follow-up and assertive outreach in the community with people once they had been released. It builds on The Hepatitis C Trusts peer support work, which involves a 'Follow Me' programme in which people are supported as they undertake treatment.
    North East, England 01 Dec 2020 Case study, Tools & Templates PDF
  • Summary report: Hepatitis C testing in primary care
    This is the summary report of a webinar hosted by HCV Action on testing for hepatitis C in primary care in October 2020. The webinar featured presentations from the HepCATT study team and the team from King's College Hospital who reported on their work with GPs so far.
    UK, England 30 Nov 2020 Case study, Tools & Templates, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Summary report: Mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on HCV testing
    This is the written summary of a webinar held on 8th October on mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on HCV testing. The first part of the webinar consisted of three presentations: Overview of testing, before and after COVID-19 - Helen Hampton, Lead Clinical Nurse for Blood Borne Virus, We Are With You; Outreach testing during the COVID-19 lockdown - Julian Surey, Find and Treat Team; and Postal testing or self-testing - Tracey Kemp, National Hepatitis C Strategy Lead, Change Grow Live
    UK, England 30 Oct 2020 Case study, Tools & Templates, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Workshop webinar: Hepatitis C in the justice system - going beyond prisons
    This is a recording of a webinar covering initiatives to test and treat people for hepatitis C in contact with the justice system in England, held on the 23rd October 2020. Previous events and initiatives in this area have aimed to support people in prisons. Whilst this is important and continues, this webinar focused on new initiatives for people in contact with other areas of the justice system, such as probation services. The webinar featured 3 talks:
    North East, UK 29 Oct 2020 Case study, Strategy & Planning Video