East Midlands Specialised Commissioning Group Commissioning Policy for Hepatitis C Treatments


Jun 2009 by Andrew Austin, Allister Grant and Malcolm Qualie. Ratified by the NHS East Midlands Specialised Commissioning Group
This commissioning policy paper was produced for the treatment of patients with Hepatitis C in the East Midlands, with the aim of providing and ensuring equity, consistency and clarity in approach to treatment across the region. The document sets out the position of East Midlands Specialised Commissioning Group PCTs in respect of treatment for Hepatitis C for its current and future patients, outlining the treatment regimens for the various different genotypes of Hepatitis C using combination therapy (pegylated interferon alpha and weight-based ribavirin). It provides the NICE guidelines for treatment as well as updated East Midlands policies for treatment which reflect a more recent evidence base as well as NICE Guidelines. The policy also outlines retreatment options depending upon Genotype, the role of the growth factor erythropoietin, and outlines that there is little benefit for patients with cirrhosis who are still Hepatitis C positive after therapy from remaining on long term low dose pegylated interferon monotherapy. It outlines the epidemiology and resource implications for the East Midlands as well as the evidence base.
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