Film: Detecting & managing hepatitis C in primary care

Apr 2015 by Royal College of General Practitioners & HCV Action
This educational resource was developed in a partnership between the RCGP, HCV Action and The Hepatitis C Trust, and is primarily aimed at GPs and other primary care staff. It aims to support the viewer by increasing their knowledge about the virus, and by building confidence in diagnosing people and supporting them through treatment.

The film is structured to enable reflective learning and to support GPs in applying learning to practice and comprises of four short sections each of which is also available as a stand-alone resource.

Section 1: The impact & consequences of HCV:
Covers the prevalence of undiagnosed hepatitis C, the growing public health burden of infection and the natural history and consequences of hepatitis C infection.

Section 2: Identifying those at risk:
Looks at identifying those at risk, through assessment & screening; testing and diagnosis, supported with practice examples.

Section 3: Current & future treatments:
Reviews current standards of care, treatment options and pathways into secondary care and the key components of effective management of people with hepatitis C. It also reviews emerging treatments and explores how patients can make informed treatment choices in an evolving treatment landscape.

Section 4: Supporting people through treatment:
Examines the support needs of people living with, and being treated for hepatitis C infection, the management of side effects, the promotion of harm reduction and positive lifestyle advice and the significance of integrated care and support for patients and carers.