Greater Manchester HCV Strategy Hepatitis C Health Equity Audit (2010)


04 Nov 2010 by NHS Association of Greater Manchester Primary Care Trusts
Health equity audit (HEA) is a key tool used to identify how fairly services or resources are distributed between population groups. This HEA report was commissioned by the Greater Manchester Hepatitis C Strategy (GMHCVS) and is the first Health equity audit focusing on HCV in Greater Manchester. The report aims to explore how recent service provision around prevention, testing and treatment in services has reflected patterns of need in relation to 5 key dimensions; age, gender, socio-economic status, ethnicity and accessibility (service numbers and geography) across Greater Manchester. The scope of this Health Equity Audit is not intended to be comprehensive. Indicators used have been selected according to availability across the area covered, and represent only a part of the range of measures that could form part of a HCV equity profile and audit. Evidence provided from the HEA can be used to inform commissioning and planning. The HEA considers each dimension of equity in turn, looking first at measures of need, then each measure of provision used. Equity issues are explored for each dimension. Key findings are presented at the beginning of each dimensions results and equity issues at the end of each profile.
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