Greater Manchester Hepatitis C Communications Strategy 2008-13


04 Nov 2010 by NHS Association of Greater Manchester Primary Care Trusts
The Greater Manchester Hepatitis C Steering Group was set up to improve local services for people with hepatitis C. This group undertook a health needs assessment in 2006 that estimated between 10,000 and 22,000 cases of hepatitis C across Greater Manchester. The main factor for this high prevalence is the high number of injecting drug users in the area with local laboratory data suggesting that many of those with hepatitis C are undiagnosed. The steering group set up a Hepatitis C Strategy to tackle this, focused on four key areas of prevention, testing, treatment and surveillance. The Hepatitis C Communications Strategy sets out the key audiences for 2010 -2013 and describes how the communications function will work to benefit these audiences and also ensure that it reflects the key objectives of the Hepatitis C Strategy programme. The key objective of the communications strategy is to underpin the work of the Hepatitis C Steering Group and increase awareness of hepatitis C among the targeted audiences.
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