HCV Action good practice film: Community-based treatment in Lambeth

Feb 2015 by HCV Action
In this good practice film, HCV Action interview Katherine Oakes, Senior Nurse for Viral Hepatitis at Kings College Hospital, and Dee Cunniffe, Policy Lead and Project Manager at the London Joint Working Group on Substance Use and Hepatitis C. They talk about the outreach service established in Lambeth to provide specialist care to hepatitis C-infected substance users in the borough, which has a higher than average prevalence of hepatitis C among injecting drug users compared to London as a whole. With people who inject drugs the most likely to be infected with hepatitis C but the least likely to receive treatment, the project sought to, with input from the London Joint Working Group, take specialist care to patients when they were collecting methadone scripts or attending appointments with key workers, in order to make their care as accessible and convenient for them as possible. Katherine and Dee discuss the integrated community model that the project offered; why it was established, how it operates, and the results that it achieved.
Case study