Hepatitis C Baseline Data Review: Greater Manchester


2008 by NHS Association of Greater Manchester Primary Care Trusts
As part of the service redesign project the NHS Commissioning Service and the Commissioning Business Service conducted a baseline data review (BDR) of the hospitals in Greater Manchester that were treating hepatitis C patients. At the time of the audit (March 2008) there were three hospitals that managed the treatment of patients with Hepatitis C (HCV), in Wiggan, the Pennines and Central Manchester. these were: The baseline audit was conducted because the information required to build the business case for change in hepatitis C was not readily available from the trusts. A data collection tool was devised by the Hepatitis C programme manager and the CBS. Following discussion with clinicians it was decided that March 2008 would capture a typical months worth of activity and provide sufficient information on which to base the business case.
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