Hepatitis C Testing and Treatment in Wirral. Increasing Treatment Places: A Practical Solution


Oct 2012 by Wirral Drug and Alcohol Addiction Team (DAAT)
The following report describes the practical steps taken by the local partnership in Wirral in the wake of the Department of Health’s 2002 publication of the ‘Hepatitis C Strategy for England: Getting Ahead of the Curve’, aimed at systematically increasing hepatitis C awareness and testing in Wirral in such a way as to increase demand for treatment places. In doing so, the partnership hoped to tangibly reduce local hepatitis C prevalence and the associated burden of treatment in the longer term. After several years of hard work across the treatment system, the evidence suggests that future hepatitis C treatment places will need to be doubled to meet demand. This has been achieved using relatively simple but effective interventions, with particular emphasis being given to peer-led support mechanisms to help patients not only access but sustain treatment through to completion and hopefully a positive treatment outcome.
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