The Hepatitis C Trust 'Follow Me' prison to community referral form


01 Dec 2020 by The Hepatitis C Trust
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This is the referral form for The Hepatitis C Trust's 'Follow Me' programme for patients who are initiating treatment in prison. When a patient in prison is being started on treatment, but may be released during their treatment, health services can use this form to collect details which will be help The Hepatitis C Trust follow-up with the patient if they are released. Once completed, this form can be sent to The Hepatitis C Trust's secure mailbox. The Trust can then be informed if someone is released before treatment is completed. The Hepatitis C Trust will then follow-up with the patient in the community to support them. This scheme is now active across England having been piloted in the North East. If you have any questions, contact your local The Hepatitis C Trust contact.