Improving outcomes and supporting transparency. Part 1: A public health outcomes framework for England, 2013-2016


Jan 2012 by Department of Health
The responsibility to improve and protect our health lies with us all – government, local communities and with ourselves as individuals. There are many factors that influence public health over the course of a lifetime. They all need to be understood and acted upon. Integrating public health into local government will allow that to happen – services will be planned and delivered in the context of the broader social determinants of health, like poverty, education, housing, employment, crime and pollution. The NHS, social care, the voluntary sector and communities will all work together to make this happen. The new Public Health Outcomes Framework is in three parts. Part 1 – this document – introduces the Government's overarching vision for public health, the outcomes it wants to achieve and the indicators that will help it to understand how well we are improving and protecting health.