Inclusion Health webinar - July 2023 - Slides


13 Jul 2023 by HCV Action
On 13th July 2023, HCV Action held a webinar to explore how lessons from the hepatitis C elimination programme and models used to deliver HCV-related healthcare can be applied to other efforts to engage socially excluded (or 'inclusion health') groups in healthcare. Thank you to our speakers: Leila Reid (The Hepatitis C Trust) Julia Sheehan (The Hepatitis C Trust) Mark Gillyon-Powell (Head of Programme - HCV Elimination, NHS England) Dr Binta Sultan (Consultant Physician in Inclusion Health, University College London Hospital) Dr Ryan Buchanan (Associate Professor of Hepatology, University of Southampton) Ambrose Brown (Humberside & Yorkshire Prison Peer Coordinator, The Hepatitis C Trust) Dean Wood (Prison Peer Lead, Yorkshire, The Hepatitis C Trust)