Lessons learnt from HepCATT for ODNs and GP practices


University of Bristol
This summary notes some of the lessons learnt from the HepCATT (Hepatitis C Assessment Through to Treatment) Randomised Controlled Trial. HepCATT tested an Hepatitis C virus (HCV) case-finding intervention in primary care. The intervention involved: • Algorithm integrated into electronic patient records systems to identify high risk patients • Automatic mail-merge to create letters to invite high risk patients for testing • Pop-ups alerts in patient records to encourage opportunistic testing • Practice Staff HCV educational training • Patient posters and leaflets explaining HCV risk factors and treatment options The intervention aimed to increase case-finding, testing and treatment for HCV. The study found the intervention to be effective, acceptable to staff and highly cost-effective for the NHS. The lessons learnt relate to training, screening lists, managing resources and opportunistic testing and should be useful to GP practices and ODNs.
UK, England