More Transplants, Saving More Lives: The Future for Organ Donation in the UK


11 Mar 2008 by All-Party Parliamentary Hepatology Group
Over 1,000 people die each year waiting for an organ transplant in the UK because there is a national shortage of organ donations. The All Party Parliamentary Hepatology Group (APPHG) decided to organise a joint meeting with other All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) with an interest in transplant issues, in order to have a valuable debate on the ethical and practical issues around organ donation and transplant. It is vital that both the public and Parliament are involved so that a consensus can be reached on how best to save more lives from organ failure. Sir Liam Donaldson and the chair of the Organ Donation Taskforce, Elisabeth Buggins, agreed to come to Parliament and address the joint meeting of APPGs with an interest in transplant issues to discuss the work of the taskforce and the calls for a move to presumed consent, and to give parliamentarians and stakeholders an opportunity to put their questions to them. This report is based on their presentations.