Webinar: Hepatitis C Outreach

25 May 2021 by HCV Action
Outreach hepatitis C care, including ‘pop-up’ clinics, as well as the use of testing vans, is a crucial aspect of the hepatitis C elimination programme. Such outreach work, which does not rely on static services to deliver care, can be an important way to reach people who are the most under-served by these services. This webinar covered the importance of outreach, as well as specific good practice examples, such as van-based outreach work, pop-up testing during the Covid-19 pandemic and Point of Care Test and Treat outreach in the West Midlands. Following presentations and a Q&A, breakout groups discussed specific aspects of hepatitis C outreach and compared thoughts, experiences and good practice. After the breakout groups finished, the facilitators from each group fed back key points from their discussions. The presentations in this webinar were: Importance of outreach/setting the scene (Louise Hansford, South Coordinator, Hep C U Later); Van-based outreach (Rob Allan, King's Outreach Coordinator, The Hepatitis C Trust); Good practice sharing: Hepatitis C outreach in Merseyside during Covid-19 (Helen Caldwell, Nurse Consultant, Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital NHS Trust); and Point of Care Test and Treat Roadshow (Philippe Bonnet, Peer Coordinator - Birmingham & West Midlands, The Hepatitis C Trust)
UK, England