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Around 216,000 people in the UK are living with hepatitis C so it is important that all medical professionals have access to the latest training, information and advice on hepatitis C management.  Find here links to relevant materials for clinicians, nurses, GPs, prison healthcare staff and other medical professionals.


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  • Hepatitis C in London: 2015 report
    This report, published by Public Health England, focuses on the epidemiology of hepatitis C in London, using the main routinely available surveillance data. It also provides recommendations for GPs; Directors of Public Health; local authorities and drug service commissioners; CCGs; NHS England; prison health service providers; drug services; PHE London, and laboratories on measures to prevent further infections and to reduce the morbidity and mortality of those already infected.
    Greater London Nov 2015 Reports & Research PDF
  • Summary report: Hepatitis C Good Practice Roadshow, Birmingham
    This report provides a summary of the good practice hepatitis C roadshow held by HCV Action and Public Health England in Birmingham on 23rd October 2015. The roadshow was aimed at sharing good practice around hepatitis C and instigating local action to address the virus. The report includes summaries of the talks and workshops held on the day, as well as suggested next steps to be taken in order to tackle hepatitis C more effectively in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands area.
    UK, West Midlands Nov 2015 Reports & Research PDF
  • HCV Action good practice case study: Going Viral project
    This case-study looks at 'Going Viral', a week-long project ran across 9 hospitals which involved everyone in accident and emergency departments who was receiving a blood test also being offered a blood test for hepatitis C, hepatitis B and HIV - with the same blood sample being used.

    UK, England, Greater London Nov 2015 Case study PDF
  • Community case-finding strategies for viral hepatitis in UK migrant populations: the South East Coast England experience
    This poster details the experiences of Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in their efforts to offer community-based testing to the South Asian and Nepali community in the population served by the hospital. It highlights the successes that can be achieved through engaging with religious leaders; ensuring peer mentor support, and encouraging word-of-mouth promotion through motivated community figures.
    UK, England, South East Oct 2015 Other, Reports & Research PDF
  • HCV Action and PHE hepatitis C roadshow in Birmingham: Presentations
    On 23rd October HCV Action and Public Health England staged the third of their hepatitis C good practice roadshows in Birmingham, with the aim of instigating and assisting local action to tackle hepatitis C.
    UK, England, East Midlands, West Midlands Oct 2015 Other PDF
  • Hepatitis C Partnership South West Pilot: North Somerset 1 year update
    In 2014, Addaction and The Hepatitis C Trust, with support from AbbVie, launched a unique pilot in the South West of England to encourage and widen access to hepatitis C testing and treatment among people who inject drugs. The initiative includes workforce development, peer-to-peer education and a buddying scheme. This briefing, focusing on work in North Somerset, presents early results from the pilot and sets out the next steps in its delivery.
    UK, England, South West Oct 2015 Other, Reports & Research PDF
  • National Clinical Guidelines for the treatment of HCV in adults
    These guidelines provide expert guidance to Health Boards, Area Drug and Therapeutics Committees, and treating clinicians on the efficacy of available treatments for hepatitis C. They also act as a clinical reference source for NHS National Procurement to produce rankings on cost-effectiveness.

    Development of the guidance was a collaboration between Scotland's viral hepatitis clinical leads and MCN co-ordinators network, National Services Scotland, and Healthcare Improvement Scotland.
    Scotland Sep 2015 Other, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Caring for people with liver disease: A competence framework for nursing
    This competence framework describes the professional standards expected of practitioners when caring for people with liver disease across England. It acts as an essential document for all nurses whatever their clinical background and setting, and has been produced to provide a framework on which skills, knowledge and understanding can be assessed. It is designed to be used not only by nurses but also by other health care professionals working in primary and secondary care who work with people with or at risk from liver disease.
    UK, England Sep 2015 Other, Training PDF
  • Opt-out blood-borne virus test algorithm guidance notes
    This document, published by Public Health England, provides guidance to prisons on how the opt-out blood-borne virus testing programme should be implemented; detailing the responsibilities of prison healthcare teams throughout the testing, treatment and release process.
    UK, England Sep 2015 Other, Training, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Opt-out BBV testing algorithm
    This chart, which was produced by Public Health England and which is accompanied by guidance notes, provides information for prison healthcare staff on the process by which the opt-out BBV testing policy should be implemented.
    UK, England Sep 2015 Other, Training, Strategy & Planning PDF