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Around half of current injecting drug users will have hepatitis C, although this prevalence rate varies across the country.  Find here tools, resources and other relevant documents to help drugs service staff raise awareness of hepatitis C amongst service users, and improve testing and access to care.

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  • HCV Action good practice case study: Waverley Care Self Management Programme
    This good practice case study looks at the Waverley Care Self Management Programme. The programme involves the delivery of workshops to people with hepatitis C, which focus on issues such as self-identity, confidence, self-esteem, goal setting and problem solving, with the aim of supporting people with hepatitis C to make informed choices regarding their lifestyle choices and improve the knowledge that they have of their condition.

    The case study explains details why the programme was established, how it works, and the outcomes that it has achieved.
    UK, Scotland Apr 2016 Case study PDF
  • HCV Action good practice case study: Positive Help support services
    This good practice case study looks at the support services offered to people with hepatitis C in the Lothians by Positive Help. These services include a transport service which allows service users to attend appointments and stay engaged in the care pathway, as well as a service providing domestic help in service users' homes.

    This case study details why the services were established, how they work, and the outcomes that they have achieved.
    UK, Scotland Apr 2016 Case study PDF
  • Hepatitis C ODNs and Clinical Leads
    Operational Delivery Networks (ODNs) are the new structures through which hepatitis C treatment in England is being delivered. The Network involves regional centres which manage treatment decisions and prescribing, and which have a dispersed treatment model which aims to support partnership working and access for local patients.

    This graphic details each ODN across England, along with the named ODN Clinical Lead for each.
    England Apr 2016 Other, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Northern Ireland Regional Hepatitis B & C Managed Clinical Network Annual Report 2015
    This report, published by the Northern Ireland Hepatitis B & C Managed Clinical Network, provides an overview of the progress made by the Network in tackling hepatitis C in Northern Ireland, as well as providing a wider overview of the virus' impact in the country. As well as highlighting broader work, it also provides details of a pilot which involved a hepatitis B and C screening event aimed at the Chinese community in Belfast.
    UK, Northern Ireland Feb 2016 Reports & Research PDF
  • HCV Action good practice case study: Peer to Peer Hepatitis C Mentoring in Hampshire
    A hepatitis C peer to peer (P2P) mentoring project established in 2012, in partnership with The Hepatitis C Trust, in order to engage with and support people who have, or may be at risk from, hepatitis C. As an extension of the project, in 2014 a series of testing events were held in order to both raise awareness of hepatitis C among people at risk, and also to increase the numbers of people tested, with mentors playing a key role in ensuring that those being engaged with were fully supported throughout.

    UK, England, South East Dec 2015 Case study PDF
  • HCV Action & PHE hepatitis C roadshow in Brighton: Presentations
    On 24th November 2015, HCV Action and Public Health England (PHE) staged a hepatitis C good practice roadshow in Brighton. The event was designed to showcase and share best practice in the prevention, diagnosis, testing and treatment of hepatitis C, and identify specific issues and potential solutions for tackling hepatitis C, with a particular focus on how hepatitis C can be tackled alongside HIV and other BBVs.
    UK, England, South East Dec 2015 Other PDF
  • Summary report: Hepatitis C Good Practice Roadshow, Brighton
    This report provides a summary of the good practice hepatitis C roadshow held by HCV Action and Public Health England on 24th November 2015. The roadshow was aimed at sharing good practice around hepatitis C and other BBVs, and instigating local action to address the virus. The report includes summaries of the talks and workshops held on the day, as well as suggested next steps to be taken in order to tackle hepatitis C more effectively in the Brighton and wider Sussex area.
    UK, South East Nov 2015 Reports & Research PDF
  • HCV Action good practice case study: BBV Champions model
    The BBV Champions model was established in 2010 in order to raise awareness of hepatitis C among at-risk groups (principally the substance misuse community and the South Asian community), as well increase testing among these groups and support people with the virus into and through treatment.

    UK, South East Nov 2015 Case study PDF
  • HCV Action good practice case study: Developing patient-centred care in Inverclyde and Renfrewshire
    Inverclyde, in west central Scotland, has the highest estimated prevalence of problem drug use in Scotland (3.2% compared to a national average of 1.58%), while neighbouring Renfrewshire has the fourth highest in Scotland (2.41%). Both areas (which have above-average rates of deprivation) also have high hepatitis C prevalence rates, with many of those with the virus unaware of it.
    UK, Scotland Nov 2015 Case study PDF
  • Hepatitis C in London: 2015 report
    This report, published by Public Health England, focuses on the epidemiology of hepatitis C in London, using the main routinely available surveillance data. It also provides recommendations for GPs; Directors of Public Health; local authorities and drug service commissioners; CCGs; NHS England; prison health service providers; drug services; PHE London, and laboratories on measures to prevent further infections and to reduce the morbidity and mortality of those already infected.
    Greater London Nov 2015 Reports & Research PDF