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  • National Clinical Guidelines for the treatment of HCV in adults
    These guidelines provide expert guidance to Health Boards, Area Drug and Therapeutics Committees, and treating clinicians on the efficacy of available treatments for hepatitis C. They also act as a clinical reference source for NHS National Procurement to produce rankings on cost-effectiveness.

    Development of the guidance was a collaboration between Scotland's viral hepatitis clinical leads and MCN co-ordinators network, National Services Scotland, and Healthcare Improvement Scotland.
    Scotland Sep 2015 Other, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • NHS Liver Care E-seminar: Making Every Contact Count
    This document provides a summary of the key points made by Professor Martin Lombard, National Clinical Director for Liver Disease, during an NHS presentation he gave. He provides an overview of the high prevalence of liver disease in England and discusses the reasons for this high prevalence and what measures could be taken to lower the number of cases of liver disease. The document also provides a link to listen to the e-seminar.
    England 13 Jun 2012 Other MS Word
  • NICE Quality Standard on Liver Disease
    This NICE quality standard covers identifying, assessing and managing chronic liver disease in children, young people and adults, and cirrhosis in young people and adults. It describes high-quality care in priority areas for improvement.
    UK, England Jun 2017 Other, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Opt-out BBV testing algorithm
    This chart, which was produced by Public Health England and which is accompanied by guidance notes, provides information for prison healthcare staff on the process by which the opt-out BBV testing policy should be implemented.
    UK, England Sep 2015 Other, Training, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Opt-out blood-borne virus test algorithm guidance notes
    This document, published by Public Health England, provides guidance to prisons on how the opt-out blood-borne virus testing programme should be implemented; detailing the responsibilities of prison healthcare teams throughout the testing, treatment and release process.
    UK, England Sep 2015 Other, Training, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Pathways Coordinator Q&A
    Andy Pearson, The Hepatitis C Trust’s Pathways Coordinator, explains the role and the importance of testing and referral pathways for hepatitis C in substance misuse services.
    UK Other, Training PDF
  • Scottish National Clinical Guidelines for the treatment of HCV in adults
    These guidelines, published by Health Improvement Scotland and NHS National Services Scotland, provide guidance to Health Board Area Drug and Therapeutics Committees on the recommended use of available hepatitis C drugs, taking into consideration Scottish Medicines Consortium guidance, clinical effectiveness and price.
    UK, Scotland Feb 2016 Other, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Scottish Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework 2015 - 2020
    The Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework, published by the Scottish Government, drives hepatitis C strategy in Scotland. The 2011 - 2015 version of the Framework led to significant improvements in the way in which the virus was managed in Scotland, and the new incarnation of the Framework seeks to sustain and build upon this progress.
    UK, Scotland Sep 2015 Other, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Social Impact of HCV
    This presentation from Dr Rui Tato Marinho, Gastroenterologist at Lisbon Medical School, was first delivered at the 'HCV and Your Body' conference in Amsterdam in November 2014. It provides an overview of the physical, mental and social impact of hepatitis C, and covers issues such as stigma; homelessness; unemployment and loss of productivity.
    UK, Rest of World Nov 2014 Other, Reports & Research PDF
  • Summary report: Hepatitis C Good Practice Roadshow, London
    This report provides a summary of the good practice hepatitis C roadshow held by HCV Action and Public Health England on 26th June 2015. The roadshow was aimed at sharing good practice around hepatitis C and instigating local action to address the virus. The report includes summaries of the talks and workshops held on the day, as well as suggested next steps to be taken in order to tackle hepatitis C more effectively in the capital.
    UK, England, Greater London Aug 2015 Other, Reports & Research PDF