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  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on prevention, testing, diagnosis and care for sexually transmitted infections, HIV and viral hepatitis in England
    This Public Health England report covers the findings of analyses of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic response on sexually transmitted infection (STI), HIV and viral hepatitis service provision and epidemiology. Despite a resurgence in hepatitis C testing and treatment initiations from June 2020, testing and treatment initiations in the summer of 2020 were considerably lower than in corresponding months in 2019. The report notes that "HCV testing through traditional venues may not have reached those in greatest need", describing this is "of particular concern".
    England 17 Dec 2020 Reports & Research PDF
  • Hepatitis C testing and treatment interventions for the homeless population in London during the Covid-19 pandemic: Outcomes and learning
    This report from the London Joint Working Group on Substance Use and Hepatitis C outlines the outcomes and learnings of hepatitis C testing and treatment interventions for the homeless population during the Covid-19 pandemic. The report reveals that over 1,000 people were tested for blood-borne viruses over the course of 98 testing events in London between May and August 2020. Of those tested, 11% were positive for hepatitis C antibodies and 7% had an active infection.
    England, Greater London 17 Dec 2020 Reports & Research PDF
  • Public Health England Hepatitis C in the UK 2020 Report
    Public Health England published its annual 'Hepatitis C in the UK' report on 14th December 2020. This is the key national reporting document for hepatitis C and monitors the UK's progress towards its goal of eliminating the virus by 2030. This year's report includes details on the impact of COVID-19 on hepatitis C infection based on available data.
    UK, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales 14 Dec 2020 Reports & Research PDF
  • The Hepatitis C Trust 'Follow Me' prison to community referral form
    This is the referral form for The Hepatitis C Trust's 'Follow Me' programme for patients who are initiating treatment in prison. When a patient in prison is being started on treatment, but may be released during their treatment, health services can use this form to collect details which will be help The Hepatitis C Trust follow-up with the patient if they are released.
    England 01 Dec 2020 Tools & Templates MS Word
  • Good practice case study: Prison to community peer support
    This document details the pilot of a prison to community 'Follow Me' project in the North East of England which took place in 2020. The scheme was designed to help support people who left prison during treatment and facilitate effective follow-up and assertive outreach in the community with people once they had been released. It builds on The Hepatitis C Trusts peer support work, which involves a 'Follow Me' programme in which people are supported as they undertake treatment.
    North East, England 01 Dec 2020 Case study, Tools & Templates PDF
  • Summary report: Hepatitis C testing in primary care
    This is the summary report of a webinar hosted by HCV Action on testing for hepatitis C in primary care in October 2020. The webinar featured presentations from the HepCATT study team and the team from King's College Hospital who reported on their work with GPs so far.
    UK, England 30 Nov 2020 Case study, Tools & Templates, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Summary report: National Hepatitis C ODN Stakeholder Event 2020
    Eighteen months on from the start of NHS England’s hepatitis C elimination deal, HCV Action’s annual ODN event, co-hosted with the British Viral Hepatitis Group, explored how the UK has progressed towards elimination. It particularly focused on overcoming the challenges posed by the significant disruption of Covid-19 on healthcare services. This year’s event was held as a half-day webinar due to coronavirus-related restrictions and welcomed 129 participants from almost all ODNs and partner services.
    England 30 Oct 2020 Reports & Research, Tools & Templates, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Summary report: Mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on HCV testing
    This is the written summary of a webinar held on 8th October on mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on HCV testing. The first part of the webinar consisted of three presentations: Overview of testing, before and after COVID-19 - Helen Hampton, Lead Clinical Nurse for Blood Borne Virus, We Are With You; Outreach testing during the COVID-19 lockdown - Julian Surey, Find and Treat Team; and Postal testing or self-testing - Tracey Kemp, National Hepatitis C Strategy Lead, Change Grow Live
    UK, England 30 Oct 2020 Case study, Tools & Templates, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • HCV Action ODN Stakeholder Event 2020: A national perspective on elimination
    These are the opening talks from this year's ODN Stakeholder Event from Mark Gillyon-Powell, Head of Programme for HCV Elimination, NHS England and Prof Graham Foster, National Clinical Lead for ODNs, NHS England. The talks gives a national overview on hepatitis C elimination efforts in England and how COVID-19 has impacted these. Professor Guruprasad Aithal, President of the British Association for the Study of the Liver (BASL) chaired the event. We will be publishing a written summary of the other presentations from this event soon.
    England 07 Oct 2020 Other, Strategy & Planning Video
  • Lessons learnt from HepCATT for ODNs and GP practices
    This summary notes some of the lessons learnt from the HepCATT (Hepatitis C Assessment Through to Treatment) Randomised Controlled Trial. HepCATT tested an Hepatitis C virus (HCV) case-finding intervention in primary care. The intervention involved: • Algorithm integrated into electronic patient records systems to identify high risk patients • Automatic mail-merge to create letters to invite high risk patients for testing • Pop-ups alerts in patient records to encourage opportunistic testing • Practice Staff HCV educational training
    UK, England Training, Tools & Templates, Strategy & Planning PDF