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  • Liver Disease in the South West: A health needs assessment
    This document provides epidemiological data and an overview of primary and secondary care services for general liver disease in the South West of England and also assesses the main preventable causes, which includes hepatitis C.
    UK, England, South West Aug 2016 Reports & Research PDF
  • Laboratory reports of hepatitis C: 2016
    This report from Public Health England provides statistics on the number of hepatitis A and hepatitis C laboratory reports in England and Wales from January - March 2016.
    England, Wales Aug 2016 Reports & Research PDF
  • HCV Action good practice case study: Outreach service in Newcastle
    This HCV Action good practice case study looks at an outreach service that has been developed in Newcastle. Based at Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, the service delivers three outreach centres in locations across the north east region. Prior to the outreach service, hospital attendance at new hepatitis C patient appointments was less than 50%. The service has resulted in attendance rates of 75%, an increase in the numbers of people being treated, and comparable Sustainable Virological Response (SVR) rates as hospital-based treatment.

    North East, UK, England Jul 2016 Case study PDF
  • Summary report: Hepatitis C good practice roadshow, Newcastle
    This report provides a summary of the good practice hepatitis C roadshow held by HCV Action and Public Health England in Newcastle on 17th May 2016. The roadshow was aimed at sharing good practice around hepatitis C and instigating local action to address the virus. The report includes summaries of the talks and workshops held on the day, as well as suggested next steps to be taken in order to tackle hepatitis C more effectively in Newcastle and the wider north east area.
    North East, UK, England Jun 2016 Reports & Research PDF
  • HCV Action and PHE hepatitis C roadshow in Newcastle: Presentations
    On 17th May 2016, HCV Action and Public Health England (PHE) staged a hepatitis C good practice roadshow in Newcastle. The event was designed to showcase and share best practice in the prevention, diagnosis, testing and treatment of hepatitis C, and identify specific issues and potential solutions for tackling hepatitis C in Newcastle and the wider north east region.
    North East, UK, England Jun 2016 Other, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • New treatments for hepatitis C virus (HCV): scope for preventing liver disease and HCV transmission in England
    This article provides analysis of the estimated impact of new treatment for hepatitis C on both the prevention of transmission of the virus, and on preventing hepatitis C-related liver disease.

    It concludes that focusing treatment solely on people with cirrhosis is not a tenable long-term strategy if continued reductions in new cases of end stage liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma, as well as reductions in transmission are to be achieved. It also finds that treatment of other groups will need to follow quickly if these reductions are to be achieved.
    England Apr 2016 Reports & Research PDF
  • Hepatitis C ODNs and Clinical Leads
    Operational Delivery Networks (ODNs) are the new structures through which hepatitis C treatment in England is being delivered. The Network involves regional centres which manage treatment decisions and prescribing, and which have a dispersed treatment model which aims to support partnership working and access for local patients.

    This graphic details each ODN across England, along with the named ODN Clinical Lead for each.
    England Apr 2016 Other, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Guidance: Hepatitis C prevention, diagnosis and treatment in prisons in England
    This document, published by The Hepatitis C Trust after convening an expert group of prison healthcare commissioners and practitioners, provides commissioners and prison healthcare teams with practical guidance regarding the implementation of opt-out BBV testing and related hepatitis C care pathways, which can be adapted and used by any prison that needs to develop, revise or update their services.

    UK, England Mar 2016 Reports & Research, Tools & Templates, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • The blood borne virus opt-out testing policy for prisons in England: An analysis of need towards full implementation
    In recognition of the exceptionally high prevalence of blood borne viruses (BBVs), in particular hepatitis C, amongst people in prisons and previously very low rates of testing, in October 2013 Public Health England (PHE), NHS England and the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) agreed to introduce opt-out testing for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV across the prison estate by 2016/17.
    UK, England Mar 2016 Reports & Research, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • HCV Action good practice case study: Peer to Peer Hepatitis C Mentoring in Hampshire
    A hepatitis C peer to peer (P2P) mentoring project established in 2012, in partnership with The Hepatitis C Trust, in order to engage with and support people who have, or may be at risk from, hepatitis C. As an extension of the project, in 2014 a series of testing events were held in order to both raise awareness of hepatitis C among people at risk, and also to increase the numbers of people tested, with mentors playing a key role in ensuring that those being engaged with were fully supported throughout.

    UK, England, South East Dec 2015 Case study PDF