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  • Evalution of injecting equipment providing services in NHS Tayside
    The Scottish Drugs Forum and Hepatitis Scotland carried out an evaluation of the effectiveness of injecting equipment providing services, noting barriers and recommendations to Tayside NHS. The report includes information on the provision of hepatitis C testing at injecting equipment providing services.
    UK, Scotland 14 Mar 2019 Reports & Research PDF
  • Scotland: Report of the National Short Life Working Group (SLWG) on Hepatitis C Virus Case Finding and Access to Care
    Following a request by the Scottish Government, a short life working group (SLWG) was convened and commissioned to develop recommendations on improvements in case-finding and treatment for hepatitis C in Scotland. The remit of the group was to review evidence and agree recommendations on four key topic areas: awareness-raising, case-finding, novel approaches to testing, and access to care. This report describes the methodology, key findings, and recommendations of the SLWG.
    Scotland 31 Jan 2019 Reports & Research PDF
  • HCV Action roadshow "Tackling Hepatitis C in Scottish Prisons", Glasgow: Presentations
    On 6th December 2018, HCV Action held a roadshow in Glasgow focused on tackling hepatitis C in prisons. The event was attended by prison healthcare staff, public health professionals, third sector staff working with prisons or BBVs, and patients. Slides presented on the day are enclosed.
    Scotland 20 Dec 2018 Tools & Templates PDF
  • Summary report: Tackling hepatitis C in Scottish prisons, Glasgow - December 2018
    This report provides a summary of the hepatitis C good practice roadshow focused on prisons held by HCV Action in Glasgow on 6th December 2018. The event was attended by prison healthcare staff, public health professionals, third sector staff working with prisons or BBVs, and patients. The report includes summaries of the presentations and discussions held on the day.
    Scotland 18 Dec 2018 Reports & Research PDF
  • Preventative Action and Public Health
    This report from Scottish Parliament's Health and Sport Committee follows an inquiry into preventative action and public health. The report highlights the importance of testing and early treatment for hepatitis C, reports that the National Screening Committee is currently considering introducing screening for hepatitis C for pregnant women and notes that opt-out blood borne virus (BBV) testing for new prisoners in Scotland is being discussed with NHS Boards and the Scottish Prison Service.
    Scotland 12 Nov 2018 Reports & Research PDF
  • Clinical Review of the Impacts of Hepatitis C: Short Life Working Group Report for the Scottish Government
    This independent clinical review commissioned by the Scottish Government assesses the impacts of chronic hepatitis C infection on the health and wellbeing of individuals affected by contaminated blood and blood products. The review recommends that Scottish Infected Blood Support Scheme beneficiaries should be able to self-assess regarding the effect hepatitis C has had on their life, and which level of payment they are entitled to as a result. In October 2018, the Scottish Government confirmed it would accept the recommendations of this report.
    Scotland Reports & Research, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • All Together Now: Our strategy to address the harms of alcohol and drugs in Scotland
    The Scottish Government's draft strategy for tackling problematic alcohol and drug use, which contains recommendations related to hepatitis C, including routine BBV testing in drug services, alongside support accessing treatment for those diagnosed with hepatitis C.
    Scotland Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Good practice case study: Edinburgh Access Practice outreach service
    This HCV Action good practice case study focuses on Edinburgh Access Practice's outreach service, offering testing and treatment for hepatitis C to the homeless population. In the period from March 2014 to December 2016, of the 80 referrals received, 59 patients attended (70%) and 25 started treatment, compared with typical hospital clinical attendance rates of 30-50%. From January 2017 to June 2018 use of DAAs have enabled a further 52 patients to receive treatment at the EAP over the course of just 18 months.
    UK, Scotland Case study PDF
  • Eliminating Hepatitis C in Scotland: A Call to Action
    The Hepatitis C Trust, following an inquiry held with the cross-party Scottish Hepatitis C Parliamentary Champions group, published a report, 'Eliminating Hepatitis C in Scotland: A Call to Action'. The report looks in detail at Scotland's approach to hepatitis C, focusing on the need for an elimination strategy, awareness, prevention, testing & diagnosis, linkage to care, access to treatment and funding. The report also features a series of recommendations for action to boost Scotland's progress towards achieving elimination.
    UK, Scotland Reports & Research, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Needle Exchange Surveillance Initiative: 2008-9 to 2015-16
    The Needle Exchange Surveillance Initiative measures and monitorings the prevalence of blood-borne viruses and injecting risk behaviours among people who inject drugs in Scotland. This report presents the results, at the NHS board level, for the data collection period from February 2015 until March 2016. It also presents the findings of the NESI survey, at Scotland-wide level, from 2008-09 until the most recent survey, 2015-16.
    UK, Scotland Mar 2017 Reports & Research PDF