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  • HCV Action good practice case study: Addaction workforce development programme
    This HCV Action case study provides an overview of the development and implementation of an Addaction workforce development programme, which aimed to improve awareness and knowledge of hepatitis C among Addaction staff. The programme was formed as a result of a partnership between Addaction and The Hepatitis C Trust, and involved the secondment of Stuart Smith, National Drug Services Lead at The Hepatitis C Trust, to Addaction to develop and deliver training to Addaction staff. The case study details why the programme was established; how it was delivered, and the outcomes of the programme.
    UK, England, Scotland, Wales 30 Sep 2014 Case study PDF
  • Health Protection Report, Vol. 7 No.4
    This January 2013 edition of the Health Protection Agency weekly report provides laboratory reports of hepatitis A and C cases in England and Wales, and data from the sentinel surveillance study of hepatitis testing in England, between July and September 2012.
    England, Wales 25 Jan 2013 Reports & Research PDF
  • Enhanced surveillance of blood borne virus in drug users in Wales. Six monthly report: October 2010 to March 2011
    The first in a series of reports for a project surveying blood borne viruses among drug users in Wales. Data presented in this report are for clients seen by substance misuse services between October 2010 and March 2011.
    Wales 2011 Reports & Research PDF
  • Blood Borne Viral Hepatitis Action Plan for Wales 2010-2015
    This document sets out the WAG blood borne viral hepatitis action plan for Wales for the period April 2010 - April 2015. It is proposed that during this period, services in Wales will be continually re-evaluated and markers of success (reduction in transmission rates and significant increases in numbers diagnosed and treated) and barriers to progress identified. Further action to tackle chronic HBV and HCV in Wales will be identified for action from 2015. This action plan aims to provide a clear, costed and time defined framework for the planning and provision of key services in Wales.
    Wales Feb 2010 Reports & Research PDF